Matara Passion


The passionfruit vineyard in Matara, Burundi, is a project by the Burundi-based NGO Communities of Hope to grant land deeds and commercial opportunity to Batwa farmers. The project works through its micro-finance bank Kazoza Finance ('Kazoza' Kirundi for future), which supports and educates artisanal farmers and local producers overlooked by the federal bank and a system of cheap imports and exported labor. 

99% of Burundi's population are either Hutu or Tutsi; the other 1% is Batwa, a minority at the fringes of Burundian society and politics. The commercially profitable passionfruit vineyard at Matara is an example that the formerly landless – and by cultural extension, jobless and nameless – can succeed in business given the right opportunity.

(Shot for Kazoza Finance)